If you have not found accommodation in the city where you study you can inquire whether there are vacant rooms in our dormitory. Students at YA! Vocational College of Ostrobothnia who are completing a basic degree have the possibility of living rent free at one of our dormitories. YA! has two dormitories in Vasa and one in Närpiö. Students living in the dormitories have Internet access for 10 euro per month. First and second year students as well as students who have a long distance to their home are prioritized when our dormitory places are reserved.

The dormitory in Vaasa

At our dormitory in Vaasa you can live in apartment blocks of two, three or four rooms with a shared kitchen. The area includes Gläntan which is a common living room where you can play snooker and playstation and, watch tv or dvd-films or take a sauna bath. Many group activities are also arranged. Students can also use the school’s gym or the study hall with its computers.

The Student Housing Foundation VOAS

The Student Housing Foundation VOAS, offers other types of accommodation for students in Vasa. For more information contact Student Housing Foundation VOAS, Olympiagatan 3 B, 65100 VASA, phone 06-327 65 30, fax 06-312 39 17 or look at the foundation’s website. 

The dormitory in Närpiö

At our dormitory in Närpiö you can live in fresh apartments for four persons. The apartments have three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a shower room and a bathroom. In your spare time you can use the two common activity rooms with television, table tennis and snooker table. You can also use the dormitory’s sauna. The dormitory is located only 100 m from the school.

The Unit in Jakobstad

Students at the unit in Jakobstad are recommended to contact Bogärdet Student Housing. The contact person is Andreas Wikman and he can be reached at the following telephone number 010 228 48 46 or the 010 228 81 80. The adress is SKV Pietarsaari Pb 125, 68601 Jakobstad. The email adress is: andreas.wikman(a)

The Unit in Pedersöre

Students at the Pedersöre unit can rent apartments owned by the town. For further information, contact Viola Korkea-aho at number 06-785 01 53.



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