Adult education

 Welcome to the adult education center at YA! Our programs give you the possibilities to become an expert within the field you have chosen or enable you to acquire a professional competence. You participate in designing your education program which we adapt to your needs.

The length of the programs varies and we also offer interesting and useful short courses.

Do you want to complete a degree while you work? In that case the system with independent degrees is suitable for you. Contact us and together we will find the solutions which suit you!
Our education is mainly given in Swedish.


  • Technology and Communication
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
  • Social Services, Health Care and Sports
  • Culture
  • Humanities and Pedagogy
  • Social Sciences, Business Economics and Administration
  • Labor Market Training:
  • Education for immigrants
  • Degree Supervisor Education


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