Degree programs


Are you thinking about what to do in the future? Do you know in which field you want to make a carrier? Having a vocational degree opens many doors to working life. At YA! you can find a variety of interesting vocational degree programs which enables you to work with technology, people, animals, nature and culture.

Our education is mainly given in Swedish. We hope to have you as one of students. The journey towards your future begins at YA!

  • Technology and Communication
  • Social Services, Health Care and Sports
  • Culture
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
  • The Vocation Start Program

 Natural Sciences

Within the field of Natural Sciences you work with data processing, administration and service in companies and organizations.

  • Technology Service Support Person

Tourism, Catering and Economics

In YA’s kitchen we use locally produced ingredients and have close relations to the producers of foodstuff in the region. Your training to become a chef includes specializing in wines, tea and coffee. At our training restaurant Fyrklövern at YA students work both in the kitchen as well as with customer service.

  • Chef

Natural Resources and The Environment

A living countryside with a well-developed economic production which is adapted to the environment’s needs is one of the most important prerequisites for us to have a good life here on earth.

This why it is vital that there are people with knowledge and interest to work within and develop the field of natural resources also in our country and to develop these branches of economic life.

At YA! we want to help you who are ready to take on this challenge. At YA you will receive the knowledge and skills needed to succeed with the work and tasks that exist with agronomics and natural resources.

We cannot promise you fame and riches but you will enjoy free, independent and challenging work of which you can see the results and profit from.

We educate professionals who can work within agronomics, forestry, gardening and horse care and management.

During your studies you will have highly-skilled staff at your disposal, access to modern equipment and study in a very beautiful environment with long traditions in Gamla Vasa. Food and accommodation are free throughout the time of study.

Familiarize yourself with the degree programs offered by us and make a choice which suits you. Give yourself an interesting, safe and rewarding future.

  • Rural Entrepreneur
  • Forest Machine Operator
  • Gardener (adult degree program)


The degree programs in culture bring you experiences that color and shape your everyday life.

  • Visual artisan
  • Musician 

Social Services, Health Care and Sports

Good client relations and having skillful hands are key elements in YA’s care degree programs. Only at our school can you study for a degree as a Pharmaceutical Technician in Swedish in Finland. As a future hairdresser you work at YA’s own salon Point cut where styling as an entire concept is one of the salon’s trademarks.

  • Hairdresser
  • Practical Nurse

Technology and Communication

The Technology and Communication sector at YA! offers a wide range of degree programs. With a technical vocational you will find work in your home town as well as abroad!

  • Automation assembler 
  • Electrician
  • Vehicle mechanic
  • Construction worker
  • Interior Decorator
  • Painter
  • Sheet Metal Worker- Welder
  • Carpenter 
  • Mechanic
  • HPAC-assembler

Within most of our degree programs you have the option of completing a part of your courses or learning by working periods abroad. Participating in our international activities is enriching for students and this means having new impulses, new motivation as well as familiarizing oneself with a new culture and creating new contacts.

In short, you will have experiences and memories for life. Our international cooperation is extensive as we have partners in 21 countries in Europe and Asia.


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