We give students insights into entrepreneurship. Within the majority of our fields of education courses in entrepreneurship are part of the studies. During your education you can experience the everyday life of an entrepreneur at YA’s own service points; the hairdressing salon Point Cut, the restaurant Fyrklövern and the auto-repair-shop. Our construction workers and electricians also take on construction projects as part of their studies. Our aim is to prepare students to work as employees or to be independent entrepreneurs.

YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia also offers companies or organizations further training and development services. We custom-design competence developing services especially for small organizations or companies. Examples of such development services are analysis of development needs and assessment of the staff’s competence. Together with you we plan the needed education and also arrange it.

Within YA! we specialize in supporting small and medium-sized companies as well as individual entrepreneurs. In order to be able to optimally serve you and your company it is vital that your needs and future plans are clearly defined. If this has yet to be realized, that is where we begin our work. When the goals are set it is easier to concretely work to achieve them. This is how the competence coach at YA! works, if described in a simplified way.



onsdag, 16 december 2015

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