PEP for immigrants


The aim of the project is to create routines and documents which facilitates the first steps of personal application (the application stage) for immigrants who wish to complete an independent degree.


Immigrants who wish to complete an independent degree.


Creating new routines and developing previously existing documents through the classification and improvement of these.


The project continues until the end of 2009.

 Competence & integration


The project is divided into three main tasks:

  1. To compile and develop material on how society functions, cultural knowledge and other areas of general knowledge.
  2. To improve the possibilities of students with foreign backgrounds to complete vocational degrees in Swedish. The students’ focus should be on the vocational studies, not on difficulties on coping in Swedish.
  3. To develop and test models for local adult education for immigrants with families in connection to work-related immigration.


The project targets persons with a foreign background who study or work in Finland and who are not already integrated in society.


  1. Compilation of a comprehensive study material for the subjects in question together with foreign people who are already integrated in Finnish society.
  2. Study material and other documents which immigrants will encounter while completing independent degrees shall be written in plain easy-to-read Swedish.
  3. Based on previous experiences problem areas in work-related immigration shall be classified.


An application form for YA’s adult education programs can be found on the school’s web pages. Applicants can print the pdf-document and send it to the school by regular mail. Information on application times, possible entrance exams or interviews, entrance requirements etc. can be found in the information section for each program.



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