The vocational skills test


The vocational skills test is the name of the days when the students who attend the curriculum-based studies for a basic vocational degree demonstrate their vocational skills in work assignments. The vocational skills test. The test can be done during the learning by working periods and the performance is assessed by the workplace supervisor. Depending on the degree program students take 3-5 vocational skills tests during their years of study. During an evaluation discussion the assessor and the supervising teacher give the grade for the vocational skills test. The student also participates in the discussion.

Acknowledgement of skills The acknowledgement of previously acquired skills is based on the following Finnish laws: (L 630/98 30§, L 601/05 30§):
"A student has the right to have previously acquired skills assessed and acknowledged. This can be previously completed studies which to their central contents are equivalent of the goals and requirements of the curriculum or knowledge which has been acquired in other ways than traditional school education.”

Through acknowledgement of skills, a student may be exempted from compulsory, alternative or free-choice studies or have these substituted. Regarding the acknowledgement of a student’s skills what is stipulated in decrees §25, §25b and §25c on assessment and correction of assessment is applied. If needed the equivalence of the skills shall be demonstrated.

“A decision on acknowledgement of skills shall be made before the studies or the study module of which the student has applied to be exempted from, are begun.”

If the student is found to have achieved the goals of a particular study module or part of it, the skills are acknowledged. The acknowledgement is recorded in the student registry and the personal study plan.
Another completed basic vocational degree or completed upper secondary studies substitute the contents and goals of the courses which complete the vocational knowledge (common core basic studies), free-choice vocational studies and free- choice studies.

When the vocational parts of the degree are assessed vocational skills tests are used and these cannot be substituted by applying for acknowledgement of skills, thus students always need to participate in these. Acknowledgement of skills is always done on the initiative of the student. More detailed information on the acknowledgement can be obtained from the student advisors and the group supervisors.



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