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    We wish you a warm welcome to YA - Vocational College of Ostrobothnia

    Regardless of length, form and methods education and studies give unprecedented experiences and possibilities of growth. Learning something new is a journey towards unexplored territories. This journey may not always be easy but it is worth taking for the future. We offer a wide range of education and services for youth and adults as well as companies throughout our different units in Ostrobothnia. Our education is mainly given in Swedish.

    In addition to education we can also offer you assistance with company development and further training of your staff. We are here for you so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

    YA - Vocational College of Ostrobothnia was formed 1 of January 2009 as a result of a merger between three schools; Svenska yrkesinstitutet, Korsnäs Kurscenter and Vocana.

    YA has about 220 employees and 2200 students. The Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture owns and maintains the school.

    Telephone: +358 6 324 20 00 (switchboard)
    Telephone: +358 6 324 2814 (International Department)

    For questions concerning applications please dial the switchboard number and then ask for the student office.

    You can read more about the Finnish education system on the webpages of the Finnish National Board of Education:

    Our education is mainly given in Swedish.



    If you have not found accommodation in the city where you study you can inquire whether there are vacant rooms in our dormitory. Students at YA! Vocational College of Ostrobothnia who are completing a basic degree have the possibility of living rent free at one of our dormitories. YA! has two dormitories in Vasa and one in Närpiö. Students living in the dormitories have Internet access for 10 euro per month. First and second year students as well as students who have a long distance to their home are prioritized when our dormitory places are reserved.

    The dormitory in Vaasa

    At our dormitory in Vaasa you can live in apartment blocks of two, three or four rooms with a shared kitchen. The area includes Gläntan which is a common living room where you can play snooker and playstation and, watch tv or dvd-films or take a sauna bath. Many group activities are also arranged. Students can also use the school’s gym or the study hall with its computers.

    The Student Housing Foundation VOAS

    The Student Housing Foundation VOAS, offers other types of accommodation for students in Vasa. www.voas.fi For more information contact Student Housing Foundation VOAS, Olympiagatan 3 B, 65100 VASA, phone 06-327 65 30, fax 06-312 39 17 or look at the foundation’s website. 

    The dormitory in Närpiö

    At our dormitory in Närpiö you can live in fresh apartments for four persons. The apartments have three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a shower room and a bathroom. In your spare time you can use the two common activity rooms with television, table tennis and snooker table. You can also use the dormitory’s sauna. The dormitory is located only 100 m from the school.

    The Unit in Jakobstad

    Students at the unit in Jakobstad are recommended to contact Bogärdet Student Housing. The contact person is Andreas Wikman and he can be reached at the following telephone number 010 228 48 46 or the 010 228 81 80. The adress is SKV Pietarsaari Pb 125, 68601 Jakobstad. The email adress is: andreas.wikman(a)skv.fi.

    The Unit in Pedersöre

    Students at the Pedersöre unit can rent apartments owned by the town. For further information, contact Viola Korkea-aho at number 06-785 01 53.


    Most of the education arranged by YA! can also be completed through apprenticeship. An apprenticeship agreement on educational training is made between employee and employer. The apprenticeship agreement is made between student, employer, the Apprenticeship Office and YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia. 

    If you want to know more about how to get started with this type of education, your local Apprenticeship Office can provide you with more information.

    Information in Swedish on apprenticeship: http://laroavtal.yrkesakademin.fi 

    Combination studies


    Studying at YA! enables you to combine your vocational degree with upper secondary studies. In other words, you can complete your vocational degree as well as your matriculation examination. This is an excellent choice for you who intend to continue your studies at a university or a university of applied sciences.

    Through cooperation between upper secondary schools of the region we are able to offer you the possibility to attend upper secondary school courses daytime during the regular opening hours of the school.

    Demanding studies

    Completing combination studies demands much of you as a student. We try to facilitate your studies by giving you the possibility of replacing your common core basic studies to upper secondary courses in each respective subject. The upper secondary courses are taught either as traditional contact lessons in class or as e-learning studies and multiform courses with an instructor at YA.

    Contacts with working life

    All fields of study at YA! which lead to a basic degree include periods called on-the-job learning. This means that students during their education will complete part of their degree at a workplace within their field.

    The on-the-job-learning periods are placed at regular intervals throughout the degree programs. During these periods students receive tutoring to learn the specific professions under real life conditions. Students have a chance to show their skills and interest for the profession and thus increase their chance of employment.

    Degree programs

    Are you thinking about what to do in the future? Do you know in which field you want to make a carrier? Having a vocational degree opens many doors to working life. At YA! you can find a variety of interesting vocational degree programs which enables you to work with technology, people, animals, nature and culture.

    Our education is mainly given in Swedish. We hope to have you as one of students. The journey towards your future begins at YA!

    Within most of our degree programs you have the option of completing a part of your courses or learning by working periods abroad. Participating in our international activities is enriching for students and this means having new impulses, new motivation as well as familiarizing oneself with a new culture and creating new contacts.

    In short, you will have experiences and memories for life. Our international cooperation is extensive as we have partners in 21 countries in Europe and Asia.

    Development activities

    YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia conducts extensive educational development work which encompasses various projects such as on-the-job-learning, teachers in working life, student welfare, and prognosis compilation.

    As the school’s goal is to educate competent and skilled personnel for the local economic life, YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia continuously works to develop its activities and operations as well as improving the quality of the educational programs and exploring new ways of learning.

    YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia is also involved extensive international activities both their own students and foreign students. The development work is mainly financed through various projects.


    We give students insights into entrepreneurship. Within the majority of our fields of education courses in entrepreneurship are part of the studies. During your education you can experience the everyday life of an entrepreneur at YA’s own service points; the hairdressing salon Point Cut, the restaurant Fyrklövern and the auto-repair-shop. Our construction workers and electricians also take on construction projects as part of their studies. Our aim is to prepare students to work as employees or to be independent entrepreneurs.

    YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia also offers companies or organizations further training and development services. We custom-design competence developing services especially for small organizations or companies. Examples of such development services are analysis of development needs and assessment of the staff’s competence. Together with you we plan the needed education and also arrange it.

    Within YA! we specialize in supporting small and medium-sized companies as well as individual entrepreneurs. In order to be able to optimally serve you and your company it is vital that your needs and future plans are clearly defined. If this has yet to be realized, that is where we begin our work. When the goals are set it is easier to concretely work to achieve them. This is how the competence coach at YA! works, if described in a simplified way.




    In-the-job-learning, abbreviated in Swedish to IA, is education of students in a workplace.
    The aim of the on-the-job ttraining periods is:

    • develop professional skills
    • have positive experiences
    • becoming familiar with routines at the workplace
    • increase chances of employment
    • develop cooperation with working life

    In-the-job-learning periods vary in length and are take place continuously throughout the degree program and today they encompass a significant part of the studies. The extent and length of the periods depend on the selected degree program. YA also regularly arrange training for work place supervisors and we wish that the employees can participate.

    Before the in-the-job-learning period:

    The student or the supervising teacher contacts the workplace and agrees on the terms of the training period. The written agreement can be either a basic agreement or one which specifically concerns an individual student. The student, teacher and workplace supervisor review the aims of the on-the-job training period and make a plan for it.

    At the workplace:

    The workplace supervisor plans the training period in accordance with its aims of and also functions as a tutor. Other responsibilities of the workplace supervisor is to sign the on-the-job training agreement, inform the other staff about the period and the student completing this internship. The workplace supervisor informs the student about industrial safety and is responsible for its implementing it.  

    After the in-the-job-learning period or at the end of it:

    An evaluation discussion takes place between the workplace supervisor, the student and the supervising teacher during which the aims, the plan and to what extent the aims have been fulfilled are discussed.
    The student also self-evaluates the training period and receives feedback from the workplace supervisor and the supervising teacher.

    Labor market training

    Labor Market Training is arranged by the Employment and Economic Development Centre which can hire YA! to arrange the education. Contact your local Employment and Economic Development Centre and check if you are entitled to apply for labor market training. The Employment and Economic Development Centre also gives information on study conditions and current education alternatives within the framework of labor market training.

    Applications are then submitted either:

    • Through an electronic application form (this can be found on the Ministry of Labor’s web page www.mol.fi under the heading Labor Market Training). The form is automatically sent to the particular Employment and Economic Development Centre responsible for student applications.
    • Through an application form provided by the Employment and Economic Development Centre. The form is submitted in person to your local Employment and Economic Development Centre. YA’s contact person provides information about study content and form regarding the labor market training education that The Employment and Economic Development Centre has chosen to place with us.
    PEP for immigrants


    The aim of the project is to create routines and documents which facilitates the first steps of personal application (the application stage) for immigrants who wish to complete an independent degree.


    Immigrants who wish to complete an independent degree.


    Creating new routines and developing previously existing documents through the classification and improvement of these.


    The project continues until the end of 2009.

     Competence & integration


    The project is divided into three main tasks:

    1. To compile and develop material on how society functions, cultural knowledge and other areas of general knowledge.
    2. To improve the possibilities of students with foreign backgrounds to complete vocational degrees in Swedish. The students’ focus should be on the vocational studies, not on difficulties on coping in Swedish.
    3. To develop and test models for local adult education for immigrants with families in connection to work-related immigration.


    The project targets persons with a foreign background who study or work in Finland and who are not already integrated in society.


    1. Compilation of a comprehensive study material for the subjects in question together with foreign people who are already integrated in Finnish society.
    2. Study material and other documents which immigrants will encounter while completing independent degrees shall be written in plain easy-to-read Swedish.
    3. Based on previous experiences problem areas in work-related immigration shall be classified.


    An application form for YA’s adult education programs can be found on the school’s web pages. Applicants can print the pdf-document and send it to the school by regular mail. Information on application times, possible entrance exams or interviews, entrance requirements etc. can be found in the information section for each program.

    Study and work abroad

    Within most of our degree programs you have the option of completing a part of your courses or learning by working periods abroad. Participating in our international activities is enriching for students and this means having new impulses, new motivation as well as familiarizing oneself with a new culture and creating new contacts.

    In short, you will have experiences and memories for life. Our international cooperation is extensive as we have partners in 21 countries in Europe and Asia.

    Study at YA!

    We offer you a positive change in your life and your professional career. New knowledge, new people and new challenges await you at YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia.

    Benefit from YA’s know-how and long experience of professional education and apply to our degree programmes or short courses. Our education is mainly given in Swedish.

    The vocational skills test
    The vocational skills test is the name of the days when the students who attend the curriculum-based studies for a basic vocational degree demonstrate their vocational skills in work assignments. The vocational skills test. The test can be done during the learning by working periods and the performance is assessed by the workplace supervisor. Depending on the degree program students take 3-5 vocational skills tests during their years of study. During an evaluation discussion the assessor and the supervising teacher give the grade for the vocational skills test. The student also participates in the discussion.

    Acknowledgement of skills The acknowledgement of previously acquired skills is based on the following Finnish laws: (L 630/98 30§, L 601/05 30§):
    "A student has the right to have previously acquired skills assessed and acknowledged. This can be previously completed studies which to their central contents are equivalent of the goals and requirements of the curriculum or knowledge which has been acquired in other ways than traditional school education.”

    Through acknowledgement of skills, a student may be exempted from compulsory, alternative or free-choice studies or have these substituted. Regarding the acknowledgement of a student’s skills what is stipulated in decrees §25, §25b and §25c on assessment and correction of assessment is applied. If needed the equivalence of the skills shall be demonstrated.

    “A decision on acknowledgement of skills shall be made before the studies or the study module of which the student has applied to be exempted from, are begun.”

    If the student is found to have achieved the goals of a particular study module or part of it, the skills are acknowledged. The acknowledgement is recorded in the student registry and the personal study plan.
    Another completed basic vocational degree or completed upper secondary studies substitute the contents and goals of the courses which complete the vocational knowledge (common core basic studies), free-choice vocational studies and free- choice studies.

    When the vocational parts of the degree are assessed vocational skills tests are used and these cannot be substituted by applying for acknowledgement of skills, thus students always need to participate in these. Acknowledgement of skills is always done on the initiative of the student. More detailed information on the acknowledgement can be obtained from the student advisors and the group supervisors.
    The Vocational Start program

    Do you have difficulties deciding what to study?

    Join our program The Vocational Start Program and discover what you are interested in!
    The Vocational Start is a one-year program at YA! Vocational college of Ostrobothnia. The program is available at all of our units.

    The Vocational Start Program is for you who:

    • Has graduated from comprehensive school
    • Don’t know what you want to study
    • Has begun studying at the wrong program

    You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the studies and professions in fields below:

    • Technology and Communication
    • Natural Sciences
    • Natural Resources and the Environment
    • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
    • Social Services, Health Care and Sports
    • Culture

    During this year you can acquire the formal competencies of: basic data processing certificate, hygiene proficiency certificate, first aid. In this program the emphasis is on practical tasks in several fields. We will also work with developing students’ personal and social qualities needed in today’s working life. In addition to professional experiences and individual tutoring students will also read general subjects such as languages and mathematics and have a chance of improving their skills.

    A part of the knowledge and skills received during this year will be accredited in students’ future vocational studies. After a year of introductory studies in the Vocational start Program, it will be easier to decide on what you want to specialize in. You will also have improved your chances of being accepted to the vocational program you are interested in and have laid the foundation of knowledge which will be useful for your future.


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