MORE Skills - Mobility and Recognition of European Skills

MORE Skills - Mobility and Recognition of European Skills

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MORE Skills - Mobility and Recognition of European Skills

The project will meet two needs for YA: testing and gradual implementation of ECVET and on-the-job learning opportunities through mobility. Students who are mobile as young are more likely to be more open minded and mobile as workers later in life. Learning mobility has played an important role in making education, training systems and institutions more open. ECVET is a new European method to support lifelong learning, the mobility of students and flexibility of learning pathways to achieve qualifications. ECVET is now in a phase of progressive implementation. Concepts and principles will be tested and introduced to ensure that conditions for a gradual application. YA is represented in the national FINECVET project and therefore has some previous theoretical experiences of the ECVET process that now need to be tested in practice.

18 students (5 students from Hotel, restaurant and catering, 9 from Nursing and caring/Social and Health Care and 4 Pharmacy students) from YA will participate in the mobility and undertake 4-6 weeks on-the-job learning periods through MORE Skills. Work placements will be arranged in Malta, Portugal and England by the hosting partners.4 members from the staff will participate in the mobility as accompanying teachers. Their task will be to study and discuss the assessment procedure in a by standing role. This way the assessment procedure within the ECVET process can be evaluated in this project.

  • International Co-ordinator Susanna Vestling +358 500 440 586
  • MCAST/Malta, Southgate College/UK and EPAD/Portugal
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
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