Pharmaceutical exchange

Pharmaceutical exchange

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Students and Staff


Pharmaceutical exchange

The purpose of this project is for pharmaceutical students at Yrkesakademin I Österbotten in Finland and Riga I. Medical College in Latvia to familiarize with the other partner school. The purpose is also to make new contacts through an exchange of experiences and co-operation within a very small profession, resulting in a Nordic co-operational network between pharmaceutical schools. This exchange will give the students both experience and possibilities to make new contacts outside their home countries. The students will have an insight in how their profession, and the education, is working in a different country. They will also learn about the other country’s way of living and culture.

• both students and teachers will be given an insight in the medical supply system of another country

• the interest for international collaboration shall increase

• promote Nordic collaboration, nordic languages and culture

• contribute to an increased interest in the cultures of other countries

• to promote the interest for entrepreneurship

• to work for a Nordic collaborational network, for the benefit of the professional deelopment within the profession

• to enhance the quality of the education given to our students

  • International Co-ordinator Susanna Vestling +358 500 440 586
  • Riga I. Medical College in Latvia
  • Nordplus Junior
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