VocTrainMaint - Development of curriculum for Vocational Maintenance training


During last decade has the recruiting situation for the industry been dramatically changed from a good situation to near impossible to find persons with sufficient education in maintenance. The situations are same in all European countries which have automated production resources.

A study showed that there was a lack of training, because of the change from manual work to fully automated equipment and thereto required multi-skilled competence. Therefore the number of people that need better training is enormous.

With all the above in mind, this project is not only important, it is necessary.


A Leonardo project for development of curriculum adapted for

  • vocational maintenance teachers EQF level 6
  • practical working maintenance technician EQF level 5
  • practical working maintenance mechanics EQF level 4


  • Johanna Svedström-Söderman, +358 6 324 2815, johanna.svedstrom-soderman@yrkesakademin.fi
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